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Bone and joint decay advance slowly over time, let us help you prevent or limit damage and pain so you may look and feel your best. 

Posture is the unconscious position assumed by our body in response to gravity. It can be influenced by the genes we inherit, and by the way we use our body during regular activities such as standing, sitting and sleeping. Improving our posture is the simplest way to improve your body’s functions.

Good posture means your bones are properly aligned and your muscles, joints and ligaments can work as nature intended. It means your vital organs are in the right position and can function at peak efficiency. Good posture contributes to the normal functioning nervous system.

The Thoracic Pillow is an affordable, effective, practical and simple to use full spine posture correction device. By improving your posture you may improve your appearance and health as well as safe guard against joint and muscles early decay and injury.

Posture correction was never so effective and simple to achieve


The Thoracic Pillow® is a simple to use posture correction device


It may be used at home or office


It is adjustable to fit most people


Use it 10 minutes a day to look and feel your best

Using a Thoracic Pillow® will:


Stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments at the front of your neck and chest


Decrease the hump at your upper back


Reduce damaging stress on joints and muscles


Relieve excessive pressure on your chest, abdominal organs and lower back


Decrease pain and increase productivity


Help you feel taller, thinner more confident and secure in yourself

The Thoracic Pillow® will help you age more successfully and add to your quality of life

The reason why the Thoracic Pillow® is more effective than other modalities for spinal traction and much easier to perform, is that the Thoracic Pillow® an affordable, practical, passive and easy to use device that tractions your neck, chest and lower back SIMULTANEOUSLY in only 10 minutes a day. That means that you will be most likely to use it and get the desired outcome.



Dr David Shahar

DrPosture®’s mission is to introduce simple and effective concepts and products to practitioners and to the public to help combat the poor posture epidemic.

DrPosture® was founded by Dr. David Shahar, D.C., PhD(c) as it became evident that poor posture is affecting the vast majority of human-kind. Dr. David has identified the need for more time-efficient and cost-effective solutions. In response to the poor posture epidemic, Dr. David invented the Thoracic Pillow and the concept of the Manubrium Lift®, (one step, a few seconds, better health!), together with other posture supporting products and concepts such as the Posture Kit and Stretching for Life™. Users include people of all ages who are interested in developing a better posture, smarter image, less pain and better health.

Dr. Shahar is deeply involved in posture related research programs at the Bio-Mechanics Department at USC, QLD.

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